Christmas is definitely my favorite season of the year, I look forward to it all year long, but sometimes it can be daunting with so many expenses. When I saw my friend, Fati’s amazing calligraphy skills we both wanted to do something together. I figured this was a great way to personalize gift’s, name tags, cards and so many other things we usually have to purchase during this season.

First things first, we gathered all the supplies we needed, made some strong coffee and got to work.  Fati gave me a short tutorial on the basics of calligraphy while also sharing some expert tips she’s collected over time.

The most important thing is to practice, practice, and practice some more! You’ll eventually get better and better.

Here are few helpful tips:

  • If you’re an amateur use thicker markers (they are more forgiving), as you become more advanced you can start using the thinner pens.
  • One of the best tips Fati gave me was to get creative and not to think my writing had to look a certain way. Just have fun with it, get different colors and get prepared to have some fun!
  • Also, have nail polish remover handy. If you happen to be writing on a hard surface, like the chalkboard tags we used, a little polish remover and a q-tip will erase any errors.

P.S. All of the calligraphy in the pictures is obviously Fati’s work, except for the gift bag that says “joy” (lol) and it took me so long you guys!

Supplies used:

Sharpie oil based Elmer’s Painter’s Pen

Pentel Squash Water Brush

Dr. Ph. Martin Bleedproof, white ink

Kraft gift bags

Kraft name tags

Chalkboard name tags

Tissue paper

Here are some pictures of our masterpieces 😉