After we had our son the comment we received the most was “enjoy every moment with him because time flies”. Today, eight months since he was born I can safely say there is nothing more true! They grow up so fast it’s almost impossible to appreciate every single moment.

Now, with their growth comes a lot of baby clothes and shoes that are barely used and quickly outgrown. We donate a lot of his stuff as well as ours but after finding a couple of apps that are so easy to use I decided to try selling some of Luca’s clothes and my own. It’s been a really effective way to recoup some of the money spent (even though I usually spend it on buying him more clothes).

The app I use the most to sell his clothes/shoes and even some of my clothes is Mercari. The app is free, however whenever you sell an item they take a 10% fee. Each time you list an item you can choose to pay for shipping or have the buyer pay. If the buyer pays the transaction is as easy as printing the label, which is emailed to you by Mercari, packing it up and placing it in your mailbox. I really love this app!

A quick tip, whenever I sell an item I make sure to add a thank you note and nicely package it. I use tissue paper and make sure the item is ironed and folded, that way the buyer feels like they are buying a special item and they continue buying from you.

To sell larger items around the house I use Offerup or Letgo. They are great because you can choose the zip code or city you are in so people can find you easier. Since I use it to sell larger items the buyer usually picks the item up from my house. I’ve never had a problem with the apps but of course you should you caution.

I hope this information helped you guys if you are looking to get rid of some things around the house.