This past weekend was jam-packed with different events we had planned so of course I took the opportunity to get lots of pictures. Sooo here’s a photo diary of our weekend!

Saturday morning we took our family Christmas pictures (!!!) I’ll post them as soon as I get them back. I’m super excited, this was the first time in seven years my husband and I took Christmas pictures – I know, it’s sad.

Saturday afternoon we visited the Miami Zoo which I had never been to. It was really nice and perfect for kids and babies.

Right after the zoo, we ran to the mall to take advantage of “candle day” and stocked up tons of candles (even though they had a 10 candle max), we even made a line. The commitment is real people.

Later that night we went to dinner with my cousin who was in town at Finka Table & Tap, one of my favorite restaurants.

Sunday, we had dinner for my friend’s birthday and then went to a really cool ice cream shop for dessert, Cherry Smash, another great spot to go with babies and kids. I’m thinking about making a Miami guide for cool places to go with babies. This will definitely be on the list.

/tons of white elephants at the zoo/

/trying ice cream for the first time, he liked it :-)/

/he was looking at the lions and not too impressed/

/Christmas set-up at Miami Zoo/

/getting up close and personal with the monkeys/

/the entire ceiling is covered in pictures of customers/

/vintage trinkets/