Last minute my family and I decided to stay home and have a simple dinner party to ring in the new year. We were all so exhausted from working crazy hours the days before that everyone agreed we should just stay home. We ended up having a great time at home with DELICIOUS food. I’m sharing our menu from last night along with a few pictures.

I set-up the table with things we already had at home, so nothing too fancy but I did want it to feel festive.

To start off we had two soups, a spiced pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato soup (my favorite). You can find the recipe here. We also had minestrone soup, made using a recipe similar to the Olive Garden one, which can be found here.

For the main course we had chicken cordon bleu stuffed with red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, genoa salami and a cream cheese and chives paste. The chicken cordon bleu was served with a quinoa salad that had all types of veggies, I unfortunately don’t have the recipe since a friend brought it over but I’ll get it from her so I can share it with you guys, it’s delicious!! We also had salad and cornbread on the side.

For dessert we had vanilla rum cake, cookies and a few other treats. We were so full after the meal we started falling asleep, I almost missed the countdown because I fell asleep putting the baby to sleep. Thank God my husband woke up just in time. The best part about celebrating at home is being able to put on slippers and be comfortable on the bottom but still cute up top for the pictures, lol.

It ended up being a beautiful time at home with my loved ones. Plus, it was extra special because it was Luca’s first NYE. He looked so cute with his little bowtie, check him out in the pictures below.