Do you ever think, how people survived without Google and Youtube? I go to YouTube for a lot of things, sometimes instead of binging on Netflix or Amazon Video I watch my favorite YouTubers.

It can be hard to discover new YouTubers so I asked my IG family what their favorite YouTubers are and discovered so many new ones. I’ve list them all below.

Here’s a list of my favorites:


  • KathleenLights – She is the sweetest, does a lot of easy to imitate looks and she’s from Miami 😉
  • LustreLux  – She’s super down to earth, does a lot of full coverage looks.
  • Roxette Arisa – All her routines are flawless and she’s funny.
  • NikkieTutorials – Umm, she doesn’t even need an explanation, go to her channel ASAP.
  • Olivia Jade – Remember, Aunt Becky from Full House? Well this is her daughter. I like that she does a lot of simple, natural, dewy looks.
  • Kelsey Simone – She does a lot of different types of videos, she’s so cute and she’s Christian. I love her aesthetic which is mostly black and white (my favorite colors as well).


  • SunKissAlba – She’s the reason why I started leaving my hair curly. She’s awesome and is all about the natural stuff.
  • Dana Marie – She has the best curly hair product reviews, oh and the best curls. This girl knows her stuff.
  • ellebangs – I recently discovered her, she does in-depth videos about hair stuff but goes much more in depth, for example, ‘why you can’t go from brunette to blonde in one day’.


  • House & Home – All types of tours and tips for home decorating.
  • Live Your Style – She has great tips for organizing, decorating, etc.


  • PickUpLimes – We have recently been going vegetarian and she has been my go-to for recipes and ideas on meal prepping.  Her presentation is amazing.

These are new channels I discovered from my IG fam:


  • Mariah Leonard
  • Desi Perkins
  • emilynoel83
  • farahdhukai
  • Stephanie Nicole
  • Nicole Guerriero
  • Manny MUA
  • Viva_Glam_Kay
  • Tati
  • Kristen Leanne
  • Jaclyn Hill
  • Teni Panosian
  • Fashionideas4U
  • FabyGlam


  • The Ace Family
  • itsJudyslife
  • Carolina Ortiz J.
  • Verdeliss


  • Health Nut
  • Rawvana