If you follow me on Instagram, or anyone else for that matter, you’ve noticed that bloggers love to take pictures in cute coffee shops. And while aesthetics are (usually) the most important factor when taking goods pictures, good coffee comes in close second. Especially in Miami where strong cuban coffee is the norm.

Here’s the list of the top Miami coffee shops – in my opinion. Oh, and none of them are located on Miami Beach, which means easy parking and no crowds of tourists.

  1. Panther Coffee has grown drastically over the past few years, one of the upsides is that they are their own coffee roasters. Most of their seating is outside so it’s a great place to sit and hang out on a sunny Miami day.
  2. Threefold Cafe has two locations, the one I’ve been to is the one in Coral Gables, we actually hosted our baby shower here last year. I loved it, the food and coffee are great. It’s ideal for hosting small events.
  3. Sweetness Bake Shop is located in the Sunset area. My friend and I randomly discovered it  one day after lunch. They have delicious sweet in addition to their coffee. They also have board games you can borrow while eating and enjoying your coffee. Some of their desserts include the Guava & Cheese Cupcakes, Cake n’ Shakes, Crack Cookies and Key Lime.
  4. OTL Miami is in the Design District, so if you’re in that side of town are you definitely want to pop in for a quick brunch. They have the BEST avocado toast I’ve ever tried! Everything is really good here and you can get cute pictures while you’re in the neighborhood.
  5. Small Tea is technically not a coffee shop since they strictly serve tea but I wanted to add them to the list for the tea-lovers. They have nine categories and 84 types of tea.

Cheers to enjoying a nice, warm cup of coffee!