This week has been extremely hectic, we have a big moving coming up so we’ve been planning for that, also planning and getting ready for Luca’s birthday, doctor’s appointments and work. Needless to say, time has flown by lately. However, in the midst of the craziness going on around us I have to say there’s always a few memorable moments. Here are the moments I enjoyed the most this week, my weekly highlight reel, if you will.

(above image)

Discovered this awesome store in our neighborhood where they literally have any color you can think of for your party needs. We went down every single aisle, they have tons of themes as well.

What I’ve been wearing to run errands, anyones else wear black in the Spring?

My husband and I stopped for a coffee break and discovered a little french bakery with great desserts. We also met the sweetest older lady, we ended up talking with her for a couple of hours and treating her to lunch. Older people are the sweetest.

Stopped by this little boutique toy store, I mentioned on Instagram how I was more excited than Luca to be there – lol.

Hope you guys have a relaxing and fun weekend! Xo