Let me start off by saying that Luca turned one two months ago, so this post is WAY overdue! We’ve recently moved (I’ll tell you guys about that later) and due to so many changes I haven’t posted as often as I used to, or better said I haven’t posted at all! Well, even though his birthday passed I wanted to share the planning process, a few tips if you have a birthday party coming up for your kids and of course a few pictures from his big day.


I knew I wanted to make the party more for adults than for the kids, since there wouldn’t be that many kids (just his cousins) and I wanted to keep it simple since we were in the middle of a big move.

I didn’t choose a theme, instead I just chose a few colors and filled the house with balloons and white orchids (from an amazing local company in Miami). One fun element that everyone enjoyed was a piñata. We filled it with things both kids and adults would enjoy like: candy, mini-lint rollers, pens, notepads, gum and cash! This way the kids and adults had fun fighting over the piñata.


Thank God for Costco! We bought all of the food from there and everything was delicious! We had their chicken rolls, caesar salad, food platters, dessert and tons of other things that I can’t even remember. A friend gifted Luca his cake and I also kept that super simple, I went for a blue ombre cake. The inside was vanilla and red velvet and OH-EM-GEE it was sooo good!


We heard from other parents that babies usually get tired quickly during their party so we kept it early in the day, at 12p.


His entire outfit is from Zara, except his Adidas sneakers.

Here are a few pictures from his day, hope you guys enjoy and get some ideas for yourself! xo