When I first found out that I would be able to work from home while taking care of my baby I was ecstatic. However, I quickly realized how difficult it can be. While I am by NO MEANS an expert on anything baby related (as I’m a new mommy) I can definitely share with you guys what worked for me. Since there’s no manual for this motherhood journey, why not learn from each other, right?

Ok, so here the top three things that I say helped me the most in order to get any work done with a newborn.

1. Create a daily “schedule” that works best for you and baby.

This may sound really easy but it really isn’t since your baby’s sleeping patterns change quite a bit throughout the first few months. Sometimes I would get work done really early in the AM, other times really late at night. But knowing what hours you’ll be able to get work done will ease your stress when you have a project due.

2. Move your baby around.

What I mean is, for example, I would put Luca in his swing in the morning, then switch him to the play gym for a while and then back to his bed. You can’t really do a lot with a newborn but he would get fussy, so moving him around and allowing him to see different things would keep him entertained and allowed me a little extra time to get work done.

3. Work from your PHONE!

I found that sometimes while breastfeeding I got a lot done. Anything like responding to emails, making a list of things that had to get done, reviewing projects, creating voice memos,writing, etc. are all things you can easily do on your phone, with one hand 😉

Some of my favorite apps for working from my phone are: Google Drive, Google Docs, Voice memos, Google Keep, Slack and Asana.