I’ve noticed that every time,  my husband and I are out with the baby and he’s taking care of him, either holding him, pushing the stroller, etc. it catches a lot of people’s attention. To the point, where he’s been ‘congratulated’ for being a good dad on a few occasions.

Recently, we were at the grocery store and my husband had the baby in a carrier. An older man came up to him and they started talking. He told him he could see how much he loved his son. He slowly opened up and shared how he grew up without a father, and that back in the 60s it was very common to see kids without their dads.

He was so happy to see a young dad bonding with his son, this of course, tugged on my heartstrings. I realized that our tiny acts of love towards each other, even something so normal like taking care and loving our children can inspire someone or bring hope to someone who may have lost it along the way. His final words to my husband were,”just like you are taking care of him, one day he’s going to be taking good care of you.”

There’s something so special about seeing father’s together with their kids. It touches people’s heart, it catches people’s attention and that is sexy 😉